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Vladimir Fly M.
"I do not even know how to start.... "Karagem ascent" ... I think personally for me, this phrase won't imply storming the pass - this pass made me surpass myself ... and I did not storm it ... A man is negligible in comparison to the mountains! "Karagem ascent" is surpassing your inner self ... I went there with one purpose - to cycle... to go until I die on the pass. Almost every minute I was stretched to the limits, and it was not important to be ahead of someone, it was important to cycle, not to walk ... I cycled across the rivers, valleys, got stuck in mud and got soaked! I cycled on snow !! In the mountains! At 3000 m height! I knew that next time I buy the tour from Altay Russia I will be thinking about how to cycle and fully enjoy the trip ... You know that in any occasion (trip or business) it's important to have a reliable back, so you needn't to think about: - the transfer to the route - the food - emergency help and etc. I don't even think about such details thanks to the Altay Russia team. It's the result of their team work, proved by years of travelling. Everybody always forget about our friend Oleg the driver, we didn't reach the point without him! Oleg is a good fellow! I don't rely on other drivers, because they don't think about anything! But I'm confident in him and I'm always ready to help you in need - even in repairing the bus! What about Sveta? Sveta is like a mom: she is cooking for everybody in the morning! She always feeds everybody. She is always happy and cycles with us. Ivan is the leader of our "tribe"! Our tribe Altay Russia. I think you do not need any further comments here. He is the best!
Inna Kupriyashkina
a model
Thank you very much Altay Russia team! We had to overcome many interesting things: to visit absolutely amazing places, forget about city life and sit by the fire accompanied by good people. I planned to participate in this tour last year, getting ready going cycling along Barnaul, but unfortunately the plans had changed and I quitted. Next time when I saw the program of this tour at the website, I made up my mind to go. I only had to inform my employer and prepare my bicycle for the trip! When I moved to Novosibirsk, my bicycle stayed in Barnaul and I didn't cycle that summer. But I wasn't thinking about that. I was sure that I could do it! Sveta and Vanya would help me in any case. As a result I got plenty of emotions that charged my batteries for a long time. And now I remeber those cool days of my trip! I'll go with Altay Russia team again for sure!
Artem Kashirin
specialist in Russian Railways company
May be my feedback is a bit romantic, especially from a guy. But if anyone asks: "Were you in a fairy tale?" I'll say YES! Altay Russia team gives me this fairy tale! They give me the atmosphere of pleasant warmth, incredible snow and awesome people. Of course they are different, but they are always interesting and jolly. We are all in fairy tale while in a tour and everybody forgets about his worries. I'm always happy if I have the opportunity to book the tour and then I'm in expectation of a holiday! We always play and laugh while the trip to Sheregesh and we get to know each other better. I get plenty of posive emotions from those snow hills. Even after the whole "riding" day when you get back to the hotel you can't stop smiling, because the most interesting starts now in the evening. An exciting party, organized by Vanya and Sveta, with Mafia game and charades, interesting stories and lots of smiles!!! Pleasant fairy impressions leave in your memory after the trips with Altay Russia. Moreover many new friends appears in your life that are as crazy as you are. I love you Altay Russia team! Wish you prosperity and many new ideas!!! Thank you for what you have!
Andrey Seluh
rail roads bulding
Hello, tourist! The glory of Altay Russia spreads over Barnaul. I am writing this feedback from Novosibirsk. Two weeks passed after coming back from Uchar cycle tour. The emotions are still hot and fierce. An amazingly beautiful tour full of fascinating views, extreme paths and adventures! Some of them stuck in my head: speed downhill from Ulagan pass, serpentinous roads and drifts on Katu-Yarik place, crossing the Chulishman river by boat and across all Teletskoe lake by small ship, cycling the small brunches, walking the steep paths to the waterfall and mushrooms. The waterfall Uchar is of unreal beauty. Teletskoe lake cause burst of emotions! Don't you believe me? Watch the attached video! To cut it short all my friends and colleagues envied me and some of them wept watching what they didn't have. But they were excited after my stories, photos and video and rushed to buy bicycles and rucksacks. So there will be more clients from Novosibirsk soon! I want you tell you cycle traveller that if you are still unsure, can't make your choice or are afraid of severe Altay people - go with Altay Russia team! These fellows know a lot about cycle tours, that's true! Everything is well organized, so there are no reasons to worry about! Great thank you Altay Russia team, especially Svetlana, Ivan, Nastya, the drivers and also our cycle tour team! It was cool and fun!
Vladimir Koz'yakov
office manager
I took part in several cool adventures with Altay Russia team. The best days of my life! These people thoroughly know their job. I can even say adventures are their life! That's why you are taken by the process and get a lot of positive emotions! No trip is the same. You always know something new and everything is in the friendly atmosphere. Why I chose Altay Russia? Sveta and Vanya love what they do and organize everything on high level. You'll see the places you have never even expected. Everyone can participate in their tours, you'll know that you can do more than you think!
Anastasia Kopchenova
a designer
As far as I remember I have been cycling all my life, dozen kilometres every day in any weather. I had thoughts about travelling to unknown places long time ago, but every time something stopped me. I didn't know where to go and with whom. I found the website of Altay Russia by chance. After looking through the information on the website I realized that it was the team I needed. I planned to go in one of the tours in May, but I didn't go due to the circumstances. As I had firmly decided to go somewhere, I went to Karagem ascent tour which was the following in their schedule. It turned out that it is one of the difficult tours. I was excited! It wasn't easy in some places, biking was hard and I had to go on foot. I decided to climb the mountain in any case either on foot or on my bicycle. I wouldn't quit, because I came from Seversk (it is more 1000 km far from here). It won't describe all the route. It's better come and see all the beauty. Thank you Vanya and Sveta for such a tour with picturesque places, steep rise and fall, mountain rivers. Thanks to all the participants for a friendly company, evening gatherings by the fire. It was my first adventure. I got plenty of impressions, emotions, very beautiful sunburn, a couple of bruises and scratches. I'm still impressed and hope to go for many more. See you soon, Altay Russia!))
Ekaterina Sereschenko
Altay Russia is a very reliable team. You can easily entrust yourself and your bicycle. It is the best choice as for the beginners and also for the experienced dudes. There are interesting routes and breathtaking adventures. :) There are interesting routes and breathtaking adventures! :) Everything is always good, even if there are some extraordinary cases like broken wheels or a traffic jam when you are missing the train on the way home. Thanks a lot, Ivan, for your help in organization, technical issues and raise of high spirits! I also want to thank Svetlana and Nastya for their amazing excursions and entertaining stories, for understanding every person and for their patience. Special thanks to Georgy for the unforgettable sauna and borsch! My trip ended with lots of impressions for myself, photos for the next generations and new interesting friends Marina and Nastya. I'm sure I will know a lot more from Altay Russia.
Olga Novgorodova
a web developer
If you are thinking about Altay and you like biking, Altay Russia is the best choice: - especially if you want to be out of your comfort zone and widen your vision, meet new people you would never meet in ordinary life and feel their support during a week; - if you need to breathe the wind and try ice cold water, to see the place with flowers and snow at the same time; - and dry wet shoes after crossing rivers; - feel your going over the limit all the week at the end of day; - and get amazing photos with an ordinary camera. So after turning back to my city stone conveniences I listed all the photos and feel the nature. You don't even believe that it happened to you and you can't describe everything to your friends in words. You feel happy because of hot water and a clean towel! Thank you very much!
Kostya Musikantov
a system administrator
I disliked one moment - I was chosen to be a food saver, but there was a lot of food! I was overloaded with borsch and was about to lose my consciousness. Herbal tea, porridge with pineapple, mineral water and fresh milk! I'm still having enormous appetite! I like this professional team. It wasn't a problem in repairing in the field. Unfortunately I won't have enough time to describe all the happiness from the tour and thank everybody. That's why I'll cut it short and say: "Welcome to my place!" By the way what tour will you have on New Year's Eve?
I have recently been to Sheregesh for the first time! I was lucky to choose this team. 8 hours bus trip scared me, because I can't stand 4 hours flight. But time passed quickly! A jolly team, a lot of Vanya's stories and games.
Margarita Lass
a fitness lady
I also want to share my impressions from the tour "Karagem ascent". I'm not a frequent cyclist, because I don't have my own bicycle, but I'll have it for sure after "Karagem". So I live in Tomsk. My June vacation was coming. I planned to do some things, but everything had changed. I had my Wedding day in July. Me and my future husband were thinking about what to do during the vacation. We also wanted to have a pre-wedding adventure so that to make it cheap and impressive (a honeymoon like other people have but before the wedding). We decided to spend our time in Altay, that was almost unknown for us. We had an idea to cycle there. Altay Russia Team was different from other companies. We felt their friendliness and sincerity. We also liked the detaildness and attractive prices of course. All the information is given on the website: there is a schedule of tours and a tour description. There is an opportunity to rent a bicycle and the needed equipment. It's a huge plus! Renting a bicycle for us in Tomsk would be more expensive because of the number of days. Though everybody had his own bicycle for Karagem tour. The route was very difficult for us as newcomers. There was a caution on the website, but we didn't mind it, because we have a sporty lifestyle in Tomsk. Anyway we are happy to be in this tour, it was worth it! Though we climbed the highest point of the hill on foot, we enjoyed it a lot. We got into this fairy Altay place rarely visited by tourists for the first time. We couldn't believe that beauty we were seeing! We took pictures every single moment to save the memories about this adventure. Sveta and Vanya tried to make the tour convenient for us: helped us not to get lost when we were behind, feed us tasty food, they were friendly and even helped us to get to the accomodation after finishing the tour. Guys, you are so good! Thank you! I'll definitely take part in other tours of Altay Russia. As it turned out there are plenty of places in Altay I didn't even know about! Fresh impressions and active vacations are the best for me.
Dmitry Shein
from Perm
I went in tour on July 21 till July 31, 2015. It was my first trip with Altay Russia. I was absolutely delighted. Amazing trails with perfect scenery and hearted people made a great impression on me. The tour is not simple physically. The rises to the hills are long, but when you get on top you enjoy the scenery and then go down, you patiently go up to see this beauty once again. Though the girl Natasha who was also in that tour, climbed almost all the rises on a heavy bicycle. Special thanks to Vanya, Sasha and Sveta for their kind hearts and positive atmosphere.
Alex Turubarov
a programmer
Your training is cool! I realized that I wasn't able to ski skating. Thank you Ivan, you showed me my mistakes and corrected them. "Yolochka" is a nice and cozy place, where you can warm up and speak with interesting people after the training.
Veronica Kryuchkova
a student
I went to a ski training, that helped me to slide and understand why I didn't make any progress in it. I learned a lot about the skating ski technique.
Anastasia Barabanova
"All planets came at one moment... like stars on the evening sky and the eyes of people began to shine... so did the hearts of people: passion, speed and height!" Strong people decided to work on themselves, follow their emotions and live! So there was a group of cycle-travellers that adore mountains, height, possibility to test themselves, be closer to the dream. The moment came and the bus with "the riders" went to the snow peaks of Northern Chuya hill. The trip began and nobody remained himself. People breathed freely and deeply with every metre! Inspiring scenery, breath-taking downhill, rapid rises and some kind of teambuilding for a man, exploring new heights. I need to mention about amazing atmosphere during the trip: tiring and complicated route, rain, icy mountain rivers, bogs, lengthy rises and downhills. The downhills from the heights that fascinates and cools the mind! That was the moment when you took the handlebar tight and felt discharge in your fingers. That was my dream team! We went up and down the hill one by one and sat by the fire, shoulder to shoulder. Guys, we will meet again for sure! Rock, joy and happiness. These are the words, describing my trip! It was awesome! P.S. My heart is only with you Altay Russia team!
Julia Kocheva
bank specialist
"I wanted to share my impression about the cycletour Uchar 2015...) To tell the truth I'm still there... Vanya and Sveta, thank you for my unforgettable adventure... Thank you for making weekends so cool, for showing me Altay mountains from another side. Thank you guys from Barnaul, Novosibirsk and St.Petersburg for the company... that was awesome ...))) I hope we will meet again...))) So I can say that I love cycling...)))) Cycling with Altay Russia!))) I'm in your team! ))) 😘 😋 ✌ 👍"
Marina Kosmina
a designer
I went for tours with Altay Russia several times with my husband. Every time it was a trip to the other reality without grey days, only bright and interesting events. Vanya and Sveta make such an atmosphere where all the guys are interested, though they as well as their tastes are different. But Vanya and Sveta succeed in it! Probably because they love their work, enjoy adventures and make other people positive! It's worth coming here in Barnaul from Omsk (900 km)! Hope to do it again ))
Maksim Tushkov
I don't even remember how many times I travelled with them. It's a real adventure every time! Professional guides know all the routes and paths in Gorniy Altay, Mongolia, Kirghizia and other countries where they go. They always try to vary their routes. I like that they are friendly and kind-hearted! Go with them and you'll find real friends! :) This summer my friends came and asked to make an adventure. I said: "Let's go with Altay Russia!" Thank you, Vanya and Sveta!
Dmitry Egoshin
I'll tell you how everything started). I have been cycling in Gorniy Altay since 2011. Simple routes on the asphalt were enough for me. I have already heard about Altay Russia team before and their routes seemed very difficult for super people with overtrained legs, who could cycle even on the cliffs. 2012 was very rich in geographical discoveries for me, so I decided to end the season by visiting an unknown place. The guys told about the trip to the Teletskoye lake at the end of September. I didn't expect how skillful the guys were to choose the right time and date to go there for the first time. I was impressed. I wanted to go to other places... so I went to Uchar tour, Southern bank of the Teletskoye lake, Akkem, the Karagem ascent and etc. Every attending place is very beautiful and fascinating with its unique scenery. The time and place are ideal and the weather is almost always good. The people are very friendly as well. Everything makes comfort and harmony. That's why I go with Vanya and Sveta. The autumn Teletskoe route became traditional (3 years travelling). There are also other travel companies, but I choose Altay Russia because the routes always differ and widen. So I don't mention other choices. :)
Ekaterina Romanova
It has been already told a lot about the guys from Altay Russia team. They make extraordinary tours, full of adventures and interesting things in any season, annually and every weekend :) Everything is true. They always have friendly atmosphere during the tour and trips to the most interesting places of Gorniy Altay and the surroundings. The days are full of fun and positive features. There are also many interesting stories about the sights. And what is the most important - nutritious and tasty food! :) I went for short cycling tours and a long trip to Kazakhstan. I should say that tour managers must think extraordinary. There are many unexpected circumstances during well-known trip, though it had been planned before. Some obstacles might happen and you feel pity but quit. That won't do with Vanya :)