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Usually people have such a vacation inside one resort city following from the buffet to the beach. Their rest also includes bus tours, expensive SPA, TV and a shower in every room. It's such a vacation, when you don't move beyond the hotel, your social network profile and your comfort zone. We don't oppose any kind of rest, but there aren't such tours in our schedule.

New day is a new discovery, new impressions and conquering new heights.

Most probably you'll get sunburnt or wet so you'll be dreaming about dry shoes. Most likely there will be ash in your meal cooked on an open fire. May be you'll like porridge for breakfast, because "we need many clories today". You might get tired from the height climb, from the mountainous places, from the bike saddle or from trip by an expedition car. You will be a bit nervous in the unknown unfamiliar situation: how deep is the creek, is the bike reliable, do I have enough strength to climb the mountain. The weather is changing any minute: when the sun is shining, then it might be raining, get windy with snow or be a sandy storm. But belive us it's worth that! You'll get unique emotions, feel a pride more than exhaustion. When you lose usual comfort you discover something new in yourself.

The main part of our tours is far from mass tour centre and goes through all picturesque places of Altay. Here are:

And it doesn't even matter if you are biking on Inya-Tungur path or rushing from Katu-Yarik, coping with Gobi desert by expedition cars or buying presents made of camel hair, making your first steps in Altay strength places or thinking about the path on your snowboard down the snow hill in the Mountain Shoria. Our professional guides will accompany you!

Welcome to the new world of adventures with travellers club "Altay Russia"!

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